2022 Committee Expression of Interest


The president is responsible for leading the committee and club and guiding them to set clear vision and direction for the club. Responsible for planning each semester and liaising with Swinburne Student Life to maintain club governance and compliance. Responsible for driving goals and working with the School of Design to ensure a shared vision is being achieved through the activities of both the Swinburne Design Collective and the School of Design that best benefits students. Responsible for managing and maintaining partnerships with industry and industry organisations such as Adobe.

Vice President

The Vice president’s role is to support the president, be there to offer advice, feedback and other means of support to ensure the activities the club undertakes are in the best interest of it and its members. Undertake any tasks that the president requires if they are unable and bring experience and mentorship to other committee members as they should need it.


The secretary is responsible for ensuring that the club maintains records of all its activities and decision making processes. This is done through minute taking at meetings, managing incoming and outgoing correspondence and ensuring that emails are checked regularly and replied to or forwarded onto the appropriate committee members. The secretary is responsible for arranging and delivering weekly emails to members with upcoming event information and details about club happenings.

Branding Team Leader

Beginning in 2020, the Swinburne Design Collective is starting a new initiative where members of the club can participate in offering design and branding services to other Swinburne clubs. We are looking to engage a leader of this team as part of the committee, this person will be responsible for liaising with Swinburne Student Life, other clubs and design students involved in the initiative to ensure that high quality designs are delivered to other clubs.

Marketing Manager

The marketing manager is responsible for maintaining the clubs image as it is seen externally. The marketing manager is responsible for promoting events and club activities prior to and following the events. The marketing Manager should effectively engage tools provided on Facebook and Instagram (stories, pages, groups etc.) to promote club activities in a positive way which should lead to increased engagement from members and also attract new members to the club.

Events Manager

The events manager is responsible for managing all club events from a planning and organisational standpoint. This includes organising room bookings (In collaboration with President and Treasurer who have access to book rooms through the Swinburne resource booker), submitting event details to Swinburne Student Life for approval, creating events on UniOne and ensuring all event logistics are organised before the event takes place. This person needs to be extremely well organised and capable of organising multiple events at once.

Blog Manager

The Blog Manager will be responsible for ensuring the creation and publishing of content onto the SDC blog. The Blog Manager is responsible for managing the writing team and scheduling content to be posted, taking article briefs from content directors and shaping them into articles ready to be published. Articles on the blog will cover a range of design and study related topics. The content editor will also be responsible for reviewing articles submitted by members of the community before they are published and ensuring comments and interactions on the blog are moderated appropriately.


The Copywriter will be responsible for working with the Blog Manager to create content for publishing on the SDC blog, using article briefs from content directors and shaping them into articles to be published. The Copywriter will also review articles submitted by members of the community before they are published and ensuring comments and interactions on the blog are moderated appropriately.

Assistant Marketing Manager

The marketing Assistant will assist the Marketing Manager in maintaining the the Club’s public image and brand. The responsibilities of this role the creation of branded imagery and promotion of events and club activities across social platforms including Facebook and Instagram. The marketing Assistant will also interact with members of the public across social media channels to grow a sense of community and drive engagement with current and future members. Being able to manage the creative process from brainstorming to final delivery is an essential skill for this role.

Assistant Events Manager

The Assistant Events Manager’s role is to help the events manager in organising, planning and creating the vibrant events calendar offered by the SDC.

General Committee Member

General Committee Members will support the committee in planning and carrying out events and student engagement initiatives. General Committee members do not have a specific role within the committee and are there to support the committee in any areas that need extra support week to week. This role is a flexible and agile style of work which enables greater efficiency and effectiveness across the committee.

SDC Committee Nomination

Nominating Roles

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