2021 Sem 1 Committee EOI

2021 Committee Expression Of Interest

Applicants must be available on the 13th of April to attend the SDC's Online SGM

Role Descriptions

The secretary is responsible for ensuring that the club maintains records of all its activities and decision making processes. This is done through minute taking at meetings, managing incoming and outgoing correspondence and ensuring that emails are checked regularly and replied to or forwarded onto the appropriate committee members. The secretary is responsible for arranging and delivering weekly emails to members with upcoming event information and details about club happenings.

The marketing manager is responsible for maintaining the clubs image as it is seen externally. The marketing manager is responsible for promoting events and club activities prior to and following the events. The marketing Manager should effectively engage tools provided on Facebook and Instagram (stories, pages, groups etc.) to promote club activities in a positive way which should lead to increased engagement from members and also attract new members to the club.

General Committee Members role is to support the committee in any way needed to assist with events, planning, attend meetings and share ideas. General Committee Members support the club with a flexible portfolio that can shift with the clubs needs.

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